Ron Kays

A tenacious, proactive and flexible website developer/designer

Design and Production

Each thumbnail represents a concept, creative piece or production effort. Click to enlarge each item and reveal project detail:


site concept, Auto Club

site concept, Auto Club

live site, 'Business Link'

site concept, AAA Texas

user interface, CBT applications

logo design, eMail marketing

splash-icon concept, 'MRM'

e-newsletter, 'Show Your Card & Save'

On Paper

product photography

design, product data sheet, front

design, product brochure

design, branding, corporate conference

design, program emblem

design, pamphlet

product package design, 'Intellitravel'

design, logo for Y2K event

illustration, NHRA promotional poster

illustration, event promotion

design, press kit cover

In Motion

site concept, 'Otto the Auto'

Flash site concept, The Auto Club

Flash promo for

Flash promo for Volkswagen Jetta

Flash promo for John 3:16

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